The Mandela/Quantum Effect – Subatomic Access!

This is a very comprehensive post from my friend David Ellis, something I had to reblog….all credit to David for the many hours of research he’s put into this work…..if you didn’t understand the Mandela effect you will now.

Hidden Agendas

My friend and I – whose pseudonym is Lordlangerz on twitter, and whose Blog Site is ,which I highly recommend visiting – have worked closely together over the past several weeks, in order to gain as much information on the Mandela Effect as possible. Then to share this information with you! He has already written three blogs concerning this subject, this is my first. This will be an ongoing updated blog from week to week, therefore, any information which you wish to share with us, either at his site or mine – we will get back to you ASAP. Or simply share your stories and links to your videos in the comment section… Only serious contributions will be considered!

Thank you!


“The Mandela Effect is a term for where a group of people all mis-remember the same detail, event or physicality. It is named after the instance in…

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Global Financial Meltdown by the end of 2016…The bubble is yet again about to burst!!!

Akin to, but much worse than the burst of the dot com bubble in the year 2000 and the burst of the housing market bubble in the autumn of 2008, we are yet again going to see another bubble pop….however this time we’re talking about a cataclysmic global financial institution meltdown…. which will make the 2008 sub-prime mortgage meltdown look like a chimps tea party.

The predictions made by a retired economics professor, Charles Hayek, will shock you, Mr. Hayek found patterns linking the bursting of financially related bubbles with US elections, Mr. Hayek explains how from the studies and analysis he’s undertaken he feels 2016 will be yet another year a US election is held and another bubble bursts.

Watch the video and listen to Charles Hayek explain how he feels 2016 will go down in history as the year that broke the banks.

Why Britain should leave the EU…Must see film!!

Earlier today I wandered around my town centre and watched as a man with a megaphone shouted “Vote remain….Vote remain on the 23rd of June” I couldn’t help but think this is a guy who’s obviously bought into the plethora of propaganda thats being pumped out of the mainstream media (MSM) by the elite and toffs that control big business, surely he’s been misinformed, I thought to myself…..why would anybody not want their independance & sovereignty back, why wouldn’t you want to make, govern & regain control over your own laws as opposed to having laws thrust upon you by the 10,000 (yes I did say 10,000) Eurocrats that call Brussels their home?

We entered Europe under the guise of being in a common market where the restrictive and shackling bureaucracy was to be a thing of the past, a discarded remnant….yet now the very premise on which we entered Europe has proved to be a complete fallacy and is everything but unrestrictive and shackling!!

Is it not proposterous that we now have 12,500 laws governing milk…yes..12,500 European laws governing something as inoffensive as the humble pint of milk!!!

Is it not criminal that our fishermen are being paid by the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels to retire from fishing and furthermore…to destroy their vessels…yes…they’re being paid to destroy the very boats they and their forefathers have used for generations, to ensure they don’t fish again, is it not criminal that due to our restrictive fishing quotas imposed by… guessed it…Brussels, our fishermen now bring in 98.4% less fish than prior to being in the common market…while a fishermen from Holland gets 25% of our total British fishing quota, fishing just three miles off the Northeastern British coastline where we’re disallowed from fishing.!!!

David Cameron harps on about it crippling trade and that it will push Britain into a recession….we’ve been in a recession now for years…as for trade…we don’t need trade deals to deal with the rest of the world, just look outside…how many BMW’s, Mercedes, Audi’s, VW’s, Toyota’s or Mitsubishi’s (to name but a few) do you see driving around, we don’t have trade deals set up with these countries…if anything trade deals are restrictive with the imposition of quotas and complex legislation.

Take for example Switzerland, Switzerland have consistently refused to join Europe, they’re one of, if not, the richest country in the world and have been for centuries….some of the biggest business names in the world are Swiss…Breitling, Rolex, Nestle, Omega, Glencore, Novartis, Roche, ABB & Adecco to name but a few, these companies negotiated and implemented their own trade deals but weren’t shackled by the bureaucracy that is Mr. Brussels, and therefore thrive.

In Switzerland the power lies with “We The People” the people have control over their elected officials, if the Swiss want a referendum they gather 50,000 signatures on a petition and hey presto a referendum is held, with great power must come accountability and complete transparency, something the Swiss have down to a fine art, and something I strongly beleive we, the British population must demand, and the only way we will achieve this is to vote “leave.” Don’t be browbeaten by the controlling elite who control our media, look around the alternative media sites, sites that don’t have a nefarious agenda and I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion I have….we need to leave Europe on the 23rd of June 2016.

#MustWatch Ted Gunderson November, 2010…

Hidden Agendas

Sadly, this was the last public lecture of FBI Chief Ted Gunderson. Many attempts had been made on his life in order to silence him,  and, unfortunately, at the latter part of his life he was silenced. Ted Gunderson died 2011 by Arsenic Poisoning…



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#MustWatch Ted Gunderson, FBI Whistleblower….

Hidden Agendas

Theodore L. Gunderson (November 7, 1928 – July 31, 2011)

Ted Gunderson was born in Colorado Springs. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1950. Gunderson joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in December 1951 under J. Edgar Hoover. He served in the Mobile, Knoxville, New York City, and Albuquerque offices. He held posts as an Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge in New Haven and Philadelphia. In 1973 he became the head of the Memphis FBI and then the head of the Dallas FBI in 1975. Ted Gunderson was appointed the head of the Los Angeles FBI in 1977. In 1979 he was one of a handful interviewed for the job of FBI director, which ultimately went to William H. Webster.

After retiring from the FBI, Gunderson set up a private investigation firm, Ted L. Gunderson and Associates, in Santa Monica. In 1980, he became a defense investigator for…

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Secret Societies, The New World Order and the Dark Agenda! Repost…

Please reblog this again as it holds information people across the world should know…thanks guys…LL

Hidden Agendas


(I created and published this video on the 7th June 2014, this is a repost. I have reposted it because of the important information it holds – information we should all know about. I urge you to watch it, whether in segments or in its entirety. Some of it you may have seen before, please do not let that deter you, some you have not! It was a good 5 to 6 weeks, upon its completion, before I was finally able to upload it – there seemed to be endless faults reported by YT giving reasons why it was not uploading. Not one of them made any type of rational sense to me. Finally, however, I managed it. Please watch and please comment. Thank you, David Ellis…

Note: the very last 3 minute segment lacks its original music because the composers wished to monetize this video, I removed it…

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Silent Contemplation…

Hidden Agendas

For @LORDLANGERZ on twitter – this is for you my friend 🙂

Bradyn Stanaway


Surface Of The Sun – by John Murphy
[Composition From Sunshine’s OST]

This is an upload I came across a few years ago, I found it to be both awe inspiring and thought provoking. The music compliments the photography and the photography the music… Enjoy…

The passion for Truth will never yield… DE51.

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All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars 2013

A video explaining how all wars are created by the ruling banking elite in order for them to force central banks onto nations.

Excerpt from the video……By Michael Rivero.

The United States fought the American Revolution primarily over King George III’s Currency act, which forced the colonists to conduct their business only using printed bank notes borrowed from the Bank of England at interest. After the revolution, the new United States adopted a radically different economic system in which the government issued its own value-based money, so that private banks like the Bank of England were not siphoning off the wealth of the people through interest-bearing bank notes.

“The refusal of King George 3rd to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, was probably the prime cause of the revolution.” — Benjamin Franklin, U.S Founding Father.

But bankers are nothing if not dedicated to their schemes to acquire your wealth, and know full well how easy it is to corrupt a nation’s leaders. Just one year after Mayer Amschel Rothschild had uttered his infamous “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”, the bankers succeeded in setting up a new Private Central Bank called the First Bank of the United States, largely through the efforts of the Rothschild’s chief US supporter, Alexander Hamilton. Founded in 1791, by the end of its twenty year charter the First Bank of the United States had almost ruined the nation’s economy, while enriching the bankers. Congress refused to renew the charter and signaled their intention to go back to a state issued value based currency on which the people paid no interest at all to any banker. This resulted in a threat from Nathan Mayer Rothschild against the US Government, “Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war.” Congress still refused to renew the charter for the First Bank of the United States, whereupon Nathan Mayer Rothschild railed, “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring them back to colonial status!” Financed by the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, Britain then launched the war of 1812 to recolonize the United States and force them back into the slavery of the Bank of England, or to plunge the United States into so much debt they would be forced to accept a new private central bank. And the plan worked. Even though the War of 1812 was won by the United States, Congress was forced to grant a new charter for yet another private bank issuing the public currency as loans at interest, the Second Bank of the United States. Once again, private bankers were in control of the nation’s money supply and cared not who made the laws or how many British and American soldiers had to die for it.

Once again the nation was plunged into debt, unemployment, and poverty by the predations of the private central bank, and in 1832 Andrew Jackson successfully campaigned for his second term as President under the slogan, “Jackson And No Bank!” True to his word, Jackson succeeds in blocking the renewal of the charter for the Second Bank of the United States.

Shortly after President Jackson (the only American President to actually pay off the National Debt) ended the Second Bank of the United States, there was an attempted assassination which failed when both pistols used by the assassin, Richard Lawrence, failed to fire. Lawrence later said that with Jackson dead, “Money would be more plenty.”

Of course, the public school system is as subservient to the bankers’ wishes to keep certain history from you, just as the corporate media is subservient to Monsanto’s wishes to keep the dangers of GMOs from you, and the global warming cult’s wishes to conceal from you that the Earth has actually been cooling for the last 16 years. Thus is should come as little surprise that much of the real reasons for the events of the Civil War are not well known to the average American.

When the Confederacy seceded from the United States, the bankers once again saw the opportunity for a rich harvest of debt, and offered to fund Lincoln’s efforts to bring the south back into the union, but at 30% interest. Lincoln remarked that he would not free the black man by enslaving the white man to the bankers and using his authority as President, issued a new government currency, the greenback. This was a direct threat to the wealth and power of the central bankers, who quickly responded.

“If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” — The London Times responding to Lincoln’s decision to issue government Greenbacks to finance the Civil War, rather than agree to private banker’s loans at 30% interest.

Gerald Celente’s take on the Boston Bombings–A State of Siege–AKA The test-bed for martial law in the U.S

“A State of Siege”

Gerald Celente breaks down the recent bombings that took place in Boston on Monday April 15th, he plays devils advocate by examining whether the American Government should really be surprised by the attacks, lets face it, how many countries do you have to invade, how many innocent people have to die in places such as  Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya or even Pakistan to name but a few, before somebody who has lost a brother, father, sister, close friend or mother through America’s military industrial complex international bullying agenda comes back to haunt them in the form of someones son, brother, mother, or father looking to avenge the death of their loved ones?

Don’t get me wrong, I really feel for the families of the people who lost their lives in the bombings, my heart and sympathies truly goes out to them & I in no way condone or agree with the attacks in any way shape or form, I’m just merely saying the American Government shouldn’t be surprised by them.

I can’t help but feel sending in over 10,000 police and troops into the city of Boston to look for ONE 19-year-old kid was somewhat of an over-reaction……in truth….there’s a hidden agenda here, that of preparing the American people for the coming economic meltdown & subsequent imposition of martial law….Boston was the test-bed….I was saddened to see Americans being forced from their homes at gunpoint by the police and members of the armed services & homes being stormed without any form of warrant.

Even more worrying was the recent passing of the National Defence Authorization act which in effect repealed the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878,  Its intent (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) was to limit the powers of Federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce the State laws…thus leaving the road wide open in the States for martial law.

More & more countries are now chosing to buy and sell oil in other currencies than the dollar….Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa (who are part of  ‘Brics’) paved the way for the expeditious decline of the American Dollar along with the downward spiral of the American economy.  Throughout history EVERY single form of ‘Fiat’ currency system has failed BAR NONE, are we to think that the dollar is fundamentally different to any other ‘fiat’ currency system of old?  I think not!!!!  This time bomb has been ticking away for far too long and in the not too distant future it’s about to explode ushering in the new era of martial law in the U.S, there will also undoubtedly be tremendous collateral damage in the form of other national economies imploding on the back of the US collapse

My advice would be to buy gold as when the dollar does self destruct the price of gold will sky-rocket, I’m talking about actual physical gold and not paper gold…the price of gold will always remain stable as it has a limited supply and  intrinsic value, if the dollar today was still backed by gold as it was when the Gold Standard Act of the United States was passed in 1900 (approved on March 14) which established gold as the only standard for redeeming paper money, the US economy wouldn’t be in the state it is in today, unfortunately on April 25, 1933 the United States and Canada dropped the gold standard.