Secret Societies, The New World Order and the Dark Agenda! Repost…

Please reblog this again as it holds information people across the world should know…thanks guys…LL

Hidden Agendas


(I created and published this video on the 7th June 2014, this is a repost. I have reposted it because of the important information it holds – information we should all know about. I urge you to watch it, whether in segments or in its entirety. Some of it you may have seen before, please do not let that deter you, some you have not! It was a good 5 to 6 weeks, upon its completion, before I was finally able to upload it – there seemed to be endless faults reported by YT giving reasons why it was not uploading. Not one of them made any type of rational sense to me. Finally, however, I managed it. Please watch and please comment. Thank you, David Ellis…

Note: the very last 3 minute segment lacks its original music because the composers wished to monetize this video, I removed it…

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2 comments on “Secret Societies, The New World Order and the Dark Agenda! Repost…

  1. This video details “The Skull and Bones Secret Society”, looks in depth into 9/11, explores the true motives behind the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.), examines The Bilderberg Group and the Trilateralist Commission – establishments which advocate through their ideology a policy to an eventual world currency, bringing to life a one world system of power – a New World Order, thus creating a dominant governance of power and rendering, in its wake, a likely micro-chipped population as slaves to that creation…

    Many many thanks and much appreciation to LORDLANGERZ for the Re-blog, and for the publicising of this important documentary…

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