World Update: Lyndon LaRouche: “We Are Now Living on the Brink of Going…”

Hidden Agendas

Published on Jul 1, 2012 WikiIntelNews

Have you ever wondered why the American people are so dysfunctional? “It will take a real miracle to save civilization” at this time. The moral degeneration of the American Population is the weakness that will bring this nation down.

We will either face Reality and live or we will ignore it and die!

This weekend, Lyndon LaRouche delivered extremely sobering remarks to his associates in light of the complete breakdown of the trans-Atlantic community, stating that we are now living at the brink of hell.

Mr LaRouche develops the concept touched upon in his To Leading Institutions of the Relevant Governments of the Trans-Atlantic Nations statement, that you are dealing with a breakdown crisis in the minds of the population; their inability to think and therefore their inability to take the steps necessary to save civilization from hell.

He speaks as a Father…

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