The Illuminati’s Secret Mind Control Operations-Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde discusses how the Illuminati & elite are killing us systematically with covert mind control technologies fulfilling their agenda of global depopulation.
She hypothesises that future puppet presidents who are invited to attend Bilderberg Meetings, have already been unsuspectingly chipped so as to enable better control of them throughout their election campaign’s via this technology.

I recently watched the folowing video of Bill Clinton when he was campaigning, he sat at a desk begging for more interviews to get through after an already arduous and gruelling day, you might think that was noble of him or that he was a workaholic, it wasn’t what he asked, it was how he asked, he seemed to be in a hypnotic trance, there was a strange expression on his face and his speech was almost robotic, this would seem to corroborate Dr. Rauni-Leena’s suspicions of a secret mind control agenda within the political system and her hypothesis mentioned above.

From mobile phones and their base stations to human frequency changing street lamps, microwave technology is changing lives everywhere, Dr. Rauni-Leena mentions a story of a school in Norway where every child in one particular class carried a mobile phone, that was with one exception, coincidentally the father of the child without the cellphone, worked in a high level post for the well known telephone manufacturing giant Nokia.

We the people can instigate change, it takes unity and a concerted effort to proliferate information such as this, to create a greater awareness, it only takes one match to burn down a forest, we are the 99% they are the 1%.

Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde (born Värtsilä, 15 November 1939) is a Finnish physician who has been an author and lecturer on parapsychology, ufology and mind control since 1982. She now lives in Norway.
Luukanen-Kilde had to flee with her family in infancy during the Second World War and was raised in Helsinki.[1] She studied medicine at the universities of Oulu and Turku, graduating in 1967. She was at one point the only medical practitioner at the hospital in Pelkosenniemi, performing dental and veterinary work as well.[2] 
In March 1975, she became a provincial medical officer in Rovaniemi, Lapland;[1] she became chief medical officer for Lapland.[2][3]
In 1982, as Rauni-Leena Luukonen, she published Kuolemaa ei ole (There Is No Death).[4] She has been interested in the paranormal since she was a teenager, but her interest in UFOs may date to a 1985 car accident which led to her retirement. She has since been a featured speaker at UFO conferences, helped organize the first international conference on extraterrestrials in Finland[5] and authored books about UFOs, alien abductions, mind control and conspiracy theories
Luukanen-Kilde has claimed to have been “rescued” from danger by extraterrestrials, and to have esoteric skills and knowledge as a result of her relationship with them. She maintains that there is a secret exchange program between humans and aliens that is being deliberately suppressed by “powerful Western governments”, particularly the United States.[1] 
Luukanen-Kilde also claims there are secret military and intelligence agencies practising mind control technology on the world population using cell phones and supercomputers and that a plot to kill most of the Earth’s population using the swine flu vaccine is being carried out by the WHO, Henry Kissinger, and the Bilderberg Group.[6] 
Her article on cybernetic implants as a means of control is widely circulated.[7] 
She appears in the 1999 film Revelations: The End Times, Volume 2.
Luukonen-Kilde has lived in Norway since 1992;[8] she married a Norwegian diplomat in 1987.[1]
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Thanks & as always, Peace, Love & understanding to all.

Lord Langerz.


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