The Amazing Untold Truth About Libya & Qaddafi & Why Rothschild’s NATO Assassinated Him

This is just some of the information I have learned about Libya & Muammar Al Qaddafi since the brutal, illegal invasion of Libya by Rothschild owned NATO forces.

Qaddafi wasn’t a dictator, far from it, (he stood down after setting up direct democracy) & his people certainly have something to teach us about freedom & independence!

I ask all reading this to do whatever they can to oppose the New World Order, NATO, the UN & our corrupt politicians and satanic banking elite, yes that’s you Rothschild & Rockefella.

“Fight the tyranny to protect your liberty”

The power lies with us, the masses, we are the people, stand together, unite in a common goal, to resist the tyrannical dictatorships that are being manufactured around the globe by the banking elite who hand pick & fund our political puppets, these marionettes only exist to serve their masters, the Illuminati with their Eugenicist depopulation & mind control agenda’s.

It’s time to wake up, and to then awaken those around you from their hypnotic MSM fuelled trance, we must unite against this Malthusian regime for our children sake, in order that their children, our grandchildren, will have a future & world worth living in and being a part of, do nothing and we contribute to the inevitable misery and enslavement of our coming generations.

It takes but one match to burn down a forest, we are many, they are few, the power lies in each and every one of us, dig deep, unite with your neighbours and fellow man, put aside your religious and cultural differences, they will only ever assist in dividing us, just as the controlling cabals have done for centuries.

As always, Peace & Love Guys & Gals.

Lord Langerz.

Thank you to all the people seeking  & speaking the truth. You inspire me…& a special thank you to David Ellis at HIDDEN AGENDA’S You’re a true mentor & friend, I’m grateful for your encouragement & for giving me the confidence to write.


The draft UN report on human rights in Libya before the NATO bombings & invasion.

Library Of Congress Country Study Of Libya

Lockerbie witnesses paid

IMF financial statistics for Libya………

Sherrie’s blogspot.

Article by David Rothscum.

Landdestroyer is another great blog.

Gagnauga is an Icelandic blog. I have posted the translated link. Please follow.

Lizzie Phelan, Independent journalist

Top 10 Myths In The War Against Libya

Another truth Blog. Please support them by following.

Northwestnationalists blogspot.

The Ones Killing Civilians is NATO

DJOsiris Blog

The real reason for NATO attacking Libya

NATO Crimes & Mass Media lies exposed

Libyan Women speak about Gaddafi.

Media Lies about Libya & Gaddafi.

Gaddafi’s speech to Libya & the World 1st July 2011 (1/2)

Gaddafi’s speech 1st July 2011 (2/2)

NATO leaders guilty under US code of providing material support to terrorists by Tony Cartalucci

Susan Lindauer

Mathaba News.

Organise or Join People’s Congresses across the world.

Please read Qaddafi’s Green Book. Download link:

The Green Charter

Credits for the music:

Love & Respect to Netsky / Hospital Records / The Cut Up Boys / Ministry Of Sound Records.

Memory Lane by Netsky

Memory Lane vs Happiness Happening from Mash Up Mix 2010 by The Cut Up Boys

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