Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe Radio with Sean David Morton.

Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe Radio with Sean David Morton discussing the corrupt global elite & their fatally flawed and finite banking system.

Benjamin is a wanted man, the elite want him dead, already failing on several occasions to assassinate him.

Benjamin now resides in Japan and is protected by Japanese secret societies and underworld leaders.

He works tirelessly in an attempt to bring the global banking elite to justice and to have the control they wield over the worlds money printing presses extinguished.

The world is rapidly waking up & learning that the global fractional reserve banking system of issuing printed pieces of paper called cash, is a fatally flawed fiat currency model, or one big Ponsey Scheme, so as governments continue to quantitatively ease their finances by printing more and more of the fiat currencies, inflation starts to rocket.

The only way there will ever be any real value in that system would be to back the printed cash with precious metals, just the way it was in the days of the Gold Standard, Americans used to be able to exchange their printed paper for Gold & folks in the UK could exchange for Sterling Silver, those days are long gone, so today when quantitative easing occurs, the paper printed for the governments is backed by government bonds, basically, a large scale metaphorical paper exchange.

In reality, a few buttons are pressed and the numbers on the banks computer screen detailing their balance, start to rise, then the fractional reserve banking system comes into play again, creating more debt, from debt….and so the vicious cycle continues.

What Benjamin is attempting through the “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit”  has the global controlling elite such as the Rockefeller’s & the Rothschild’s literally quaking in their boots, not to mention the politicians who are funded by these people.

In closing, its my opinion that the current equation of 1% of the population controlling 90% of the worlds wealth, to put it mildly, is grossly disproportionate and categorically unfair, the wealth of the world should be put to better use, I could list an infinite number of ways, from ending starvation & poverty in third world countries to building free energy infrastructure, something Nikola Tesla and John Searl worked very hard to pioneer, only to have either their patents bought and shelved or their laboratories ransacked and burned to the ground under mysterious & suspicious circumstances.

Hidden Agendas

Uploaded by AmericanFreedomRadio on 7 Mar 2012

Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe Radio with Sean David Morton. Recorded on March 6th, 2012.

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