There are so many terrible things happening on our planet today, and the majority of us look for answers. We need to understand why they are happening and for what reason.

The reasons we are given by the Mainstream Media is, dare I say, questionable to say the least. A large chunk of information is being withheld through the influence of powerful groups of people, who exert their control upon the media – through ownership and infiltration. Those people I’m alluding to belong to the secret societies, who are bonded and bound to the most secretive of societies known as the Illuminati.

Do they rule the corridors of power? Do they make the decisions which benefit them, at a cost to us? Is it they who hold sway over Governments, Financiers and Politicians, and one of the largest religious institutions of them all – the Vatican? Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest that they do, that they have infiltrated many other institutions and political bodies.

Their order, which is blazoned with cryptic symbolic meaning – insignia of their power and control, and is based upon a pyramidal tier system, as illustrated above: the pyramid with an omniscient eye being one of their major symbols, has found its place on the back of American Bank Notes, as illustrated:

This image, printed on the back of a dollar note, speaks volumes to me, about an Order that has ownership of not just one Major Bank, but many Major World Banks too – the USA is not alone with this type of symbology on its currency. It also tells me about an Order which plans on creating a New World Order – instigating  a desired control the over the masses. You don’t believe it?  The New World Order has been echoed in recent politics, by the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, George Bush Sr and George  Bush Jr, along with the likes of Bill Clinton, secretly reiterating the desires and aims of its alleged founding member – Austrian born: Adam Weishaupt, a one world, a New World Order.

To sum up this short introduction, I would strongly urge you to take a look at the documentary The Enemy Within presented by UFO TV STUDIOS, which has already been posted on this Blog; and for newcomers to this subject I would strongly suggest the documentary Angels and Demons Revealed, hosted and narrated by Patrick Macnee, for an insight of what the Illuminati are about. You will find this documentary on this blog too.

I was kindly asked to write for this excellent Blog Site from the perspective of UFO research, and I aim to vigorously carry that request out. The point of me highlighting secret societies and the Illuminati is entirely because of the doctrine it practises, namely Infiltration. Had it infiltrated the American Government during Dwight Eisenhower’s term of office, then this would explain much concerning Non-Disclosure of an alleged ET contact, an ET contact I truly believe did take place.

This, I will save for my next blog. thank you for reading…

Illustrations for educational purpose only.

2 comments on “The NWO

  1. I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to David Ellis the writer of the above post, excellent work indeed, this was David's first post and I must say I am very much looking forward to future stories and insight from David.

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