Jesus Was Half Anunnaki Extra Terrestrial.

You may know him as Jesus, a perversion of his name, but his name is Yahshua. You may have been told that he never existed. These are lies planted by intelligence agencies controlled by the New World Order elite. Not only did he walk the face of this earth, but he is still physically alive today.

His father is Yahweh, who came down from heaven. But heaven is not another dimension, it is a planet. The ancient Sumerians called it Nibiru and they called our Lord Yahweh by the name Enlil.

He is the mightiest god, He is the wisest god and he is the only god who has humanity’s best interests at heart. This is why Yahweh artificially inseminated Mary with one of His glorified sperm – to give mankind Yahshua the Messiah, our demigod savior.

Since Yahshua the Christ is half god and half man, he is a symbolic and official link between Yahweh and humankind. The Messiah is also our salvation in both the spiritual sense and in a worldly sense, as he taught us love and righteousness by his teachings and example and also will soon return to destroy the evil New World Order and save the human race from the wicked clutches of the satanic human elite.

If you do not like the term Anunnaki to describe Yahweh or if you do not like the term demigod or half-god to describe Yahshua our Savior, then realize that these are only words.

The heart of the matter is that Yahshua is the genetic offspring of the One True God, and that Yahweh brought His Son Yahshua into the world and sacrificed His only begotten half-human son on a cross because He loves mankind and wants to guide our species. Both Father and Son are real living physical beings and will return very soon.


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