Special thanks to davidellis51 on Twitter for initially sending the link to me for this video.

Feature film length documentary covering Illuminate symbolism and their roots in todays society.

The film covers a multitude of subjects and actual news footage giving a insight into how the Illuminate choose & control governments to how the mass media and television is used as one of the greatest mind control tools that ever existed.

We have been controlled through debt and the dependance on borrowing money to fuel our comfortable lifestyles, there’s only one problem, one day the bubble had to burst, the fiat currency, hyper inflation and fractional reserve banking system is now coming to an end.

We’ve seen recent bailouts in Europe with Iceland, Greece, and other Eurozone countries about to follow, Italy to name but one, the planned implosion of the  financial system is coming to fruition by the master elitist’s and members of the Illuminate.

This video aims to give you a better understanding of how they work and plan economic meltdowns in order to profit from a country’s loss, whilst countries are bailed out with billions of dollars, they often fail to pay the debt, this is when the Wall Street vultures move in and buy up that country’s infrastructure for pennies on the dollar, why? Because the infrastructure, I.E. Roads, National Lotteries, Energy Companies etc. etc. are usually the only assets a particular country had, to put up as collateral for the loan, in short, they sold their people out, and as usual, the only losers are the people themselves who will ultimately foot the bill for their governments misuse of public funds, usually to line their own pockets.

There are too many cases to list, where misuse of funds have led to a country’s downfall, its about time the people said NO to austerity measures and higher taxes and YES to solidarity, the only way we will invoke change is by sticking together in a common goal, the goal to irradicate the heads of state, industry and finance from meeting clandestinely to plan the earth’s future at Bilderberg Meetings in the hope of bringing about their ultimate aim of a One World Government or as its better known, a New World Order.

Signs of the ILLUMINATI? Short version click here

Right Honourable Gentlemen ( David Cameron Nick Clegg Exposed ) Documentary…



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