Current Pentagon Buzzword…."The Sumerian Gods ARE returning" AKA "The Annunaki" Their Target….The NWO!!!

The gods are returning, not invading.

They have started with a trickle of both random and carefully planned mass sightings. Soon the “event” will be upon us, and the Anunnaki will be returning en masse. We will meet our makers, we will meet our ancestors and the world will wake from the dream of orphanage to remember our parents, our guardians. These are not invaders. They have been coming here long before we existed and they are truly benevolent, unlike what television and movies program us to believe.

They exist. The elite humans of earth are not faking the existence of UFO’s and aliens. However, their aim is to manipulate us to fear and hate the returning Gods rather than embrace them for who they truly are: our saviors.

For they will destroy the New World Order, as the gods oppose deception, they will come and destroy key military bases, especially underground bases and the elite-controlled earth governments will declare that we are being invaded, and that we are being warred upon.

But the truth is, that it will be the insidious international bankers who are being warred upon, and all of their puppet governments destroyed.

The power elite will be completely annihilated, and the meek – people like us – will inherit the earth.

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