The Secret Underground Lectures of Commander X-Covering the NWO, UFO’s & the US Government’s Mind Control Projects.
For those who follow current thinking on UFOs and conspiracy theory, the name Commander X is already legendary. His books and articles have captivated his readership for many, many years, as he provides vital information on the delicate machinations of the New World Order and the UFO/alien presence and their possible collusion in an effort to enslave the world to a degree that is not even imagined by the average person today.

Commander X was introduced to this dark underbelly of covert political manipulation of the public when he worked as a “remote viewer” for the U.S. military. The remote viewing project was an attempt to create a kind of “psychic spy” who could obtain intelligence information by simply “seeing” a given target in his mind’s eye. After the remote viewing program was closed down, it received widespread publicity in the early 1990s, but was usually debunked as a woeful misuse of our tax dollars.

But for Commander X, it was just the beginning. From friends and contacts with extremely high security clearances, he began obtaining information that involved not only a secret plan to take away our Constitutional freedoms and impose martial law, but also an even stranger conspiracy between the world’s leaders and an alien race who has been trading technology for human “test subjects” since just after the end of World War II.

This DVD is the most recent attempt by Commander X to get the truth of this dire situation out to the world at large. We see Commander X standing at a lectern, with his face blacked out and his voice electronically altered to mask his true identity, as he delivers his lecture in a secure online broadcast to a select audience of government and military officials, many of whom are hearing this information for the first time. That may not be as farfetched as it sounds. There was an article in “The Los Angeles Times” a few years back that dealt with a secret cable television broadcast to military personnel and intelligence agents in which classified material was often discussed in the form of a daily briefing, like watching “The Today Show,” except one would have to have the required “need to know” to tune in.

In his lecture, Commander X does a wonderful job of summarizing what is known to date about the New World Order and its minions, most of whom form the neo-conservative movement in the country today. He calls the current George Bush a puppet leader of the movement, chosen because he is “slow and easily manipulated.” Commander X also gives a detailed examination of the state-of-the-art in mind control technology, as well as the baits that may be used to sell the public on the notion of implanted electronic microchips that can function as permanent I.D. cards and would constitute an invasion of privacy for the masses previously unheard of in any earlier totalitarian regime.

And then there are the Nazis, whose influence, Commander X says, permeates a large portion of the current advances in many areas of technology. When the U.S. imported Nazi scientists in the late 1940s, in order to learn more about the secret weapons they had developed during the war years, a kind of Trojan Horse effect began to take hold, aiding in the spread of a form of covert fascism that is slowly preparing to control the world and create a nightmarish form of oppression that is truly terrible to contemplate.

The lecture delivered by Commander X is inter-cut with graphics and photographic images that help flesh out his words, and in combination with his disguised speaking voice, the effect is mesmerizing in the extreme. While it is not possible in the limited amount of space available here to go into more detail about the facts Commander X presents, it should be noted that the lecture ends with a prayer that we be spared the cruel loss of our many freedoms to a New World Order that is primarily concerned with its own power and wealth. We can only hope that it’s not too late for that prayer to be answered.


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