YouTuber captures what appears to be a spaceship (ELENIN OR NIBIRU) with geometric shape. (5 copies already REMOVED by YouTube)

The following discription was taken from the YouTube channel of the guy who originally uploaded the video,you might think this is just another hoax, I can’t answer that, but what I can tell you is that there must be something to the video that someone doesn’t want you to see, as every other upload and subsequent re-upload of this video has been removed by YouTube in the 4 days people have had a chance to re-post it.

I quote…….

“”On the night of 10 – 05 – 2011 I was sitting on my porch at about 11:30 PM. I was looking in the sky and noticed what looked like a real bright planet. I thought it seemed a bit strange because it appeared to be split, meaning the light we all see when looking at stars and planets always look round and full.

I decided to take a picture using my digital camera. When done I opened the photo and looked and it looked kind of cool, like a comet. So I took another and looked and the same. I then decided I would take many and show them to my kid the next day.

I stood in one spot and took maybe ten or twelve photos without stopping. When I was done, I began looking at the photos and for the most part all looked the same.
I then got to a photo which had a round blur in it and thought that’s strange none of the others do. I gave little thought and moved to the next photo and now the blur took on a whole new shape.

I can’t tell you all about the emotions running through myself at this point ever since I discovered this photo in my digital camera. But it’s amazing times we are all living and hope you will enjoy this quick video of the photo. Anyone wish to comment and give their take on this image, I would apreciate that.”

End Quote.

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