A Frightening View of Asteroid Discovery From 1980-2011

A startling view of the increased asteroid activity and discovery since 1980 to 2011, I’m just surprised and thankful we haven’t been hit by something before now.

As you will see in the video, Earth seems to be an asteroid magnet, thus making it even more perplexing as to why we haven’t been struck by something of significance.

I undrstand we are hit daily with meteorites,  a study done in 1996 (looking at the number of meteorites found in deserts over time) calculated that for objects in the 10 gram to 1 kilogram size range, 2900-7300 kilograms per year hit Earth.

However, unlike the number above this does not include the small dust particles. They also estimate between 36 and 166 meteorites larger than 10 grams fall to Earth per million square kilometers per year. Over the whole surface area of Earth, that translates to 18,000 to 84,000 meteorites bigger than 10 grams per year. But most meteorites are too small to actually fall all the way to the surface.

(This study was led by P. A. Bland and was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.)

It certainly doesn’t inspire me with confidence being aware now of the sheer quantity of objects that are within our solar system at the moment.

This may explain why there has been so much FEMA training, and maybe why FEMA spent 1 billion dollars in 2011 on emergency rations, or perhaps why there have been so many deep underground bases built by the American Government over the last 10 years, it is estimated that there are over 100 US DUMB’s in existence.

Do they know something that we don’t? But as sure as death and taxes they’re never going to warn us of an ELE, well lets face it, would you pay your mortgage or credit cards in the knowledge, you would soon become gas and dust again, from whence you came? I very much doubt it.

One of the conspiracy theories circulating at the moment with regard to Military underground bases concerns Denver International Airport, where it is rumoured a base exists deep inderground with several levels and within some levels stand 6-10 story buildings.

I have a great video & full story showing and explaining the layout of the inside of the underground base, as told by the workers who built the base and were then immediately fired after the base was completed.

View the post regarding the Denver International Airport Deep Underground Base here: 


If there isn’t an underground base at DIA , why the hell did Obama fly there for the DEFCON 1 drill on September 27th, along with other top globalists and elite?

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