Nibiru-Planet X-Elenin Explained-End Of Time 2012-The Anunnaki Cometh.

Before I start I’d like to give credit to UFOTV for the original video.

There’s been much speculation and debate over Nibiru, AKA Planet X or even Elenin. The US Government have built around 129 underground bases across the states, why? Well one hypothesis is they’re planning for a very possible ELE or extinction level event.

If Nibiru does actually stay on its current trajectory and orbit, its moons may hit the earth, if they don’t, the debris field around it will.

Even if we’re very lucky and escape a direct hit by Nibiru, Its moons or debris field, the sheer gravity of Nibiru would cause untold apocalyptic upheaval, with tsunami’s, and accelerated pole shifting, greater earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions on a scale that would make Krakatoa look like a firecracker.

The only place you would be safe from meteorites and space debris is underground, deep underground, obviously if a moon hit the earth, it won’t really matter how far underground you are as you’ll be part of a new asteroid belt and flying with the angels.

Lately NASA have re-evaluated their opinion on Nibiru as they miscalculated its original orbit and noted shifts in other planetary orbits, due to the gravitational pull of Nibiru.

New IR telescopes are springing up all over the globe the Lucifer Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit to name but one, as you will only see Nibiru in its totality with Infra Red telescopes, the Hubble Space Telescope was due to be decommissioned in 2010 but in light of Nibiru was retrofitted with secret hardware and is still working today.

Why have FEMA recently spent over a billion dollars on emergency food packages when the US economy is on its backside?

Why do the globalist’s have a voracious appetite for bankrupting world economies, what do they know that we don’t?

Why have FEMA built scores of camps across the US?

Why did they purchase hundreds of thousands of plastic coffin liners that take four bodies, along with the mass concrete graves that have sprung up all over the states?

You see, if governments alerted the people to what is coming with regard to a star such as Nibiru and the possibility of 95% of the worlds population becoming extinct, do you think people would pay their taxes, their mortgages or credit card bills?

There would be mass panic and global chaos, so they pretend everything is going to be OK, keeping you quiet by feeding you on BS, thus averting mass hysteria.

Coincidentally, Obama starts socially conditioning people to Martial Law by introducing the TSA and his civilian armies, whilst at the same time systematically depriving Americans of their civil liberties.

Well to conclude, I hope everyone is wrong about Nibiru and it does grow wings and change course, but recent events across the world in regard to an unprecedented increase in volcano, earthquake and solar flare activity is evidence of something amongst the heavens with almighty pulling power.

Peace and love to all, God Bless.


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