Area 51-Alien disclosure & NWO TRUTH with Phil Schneider

A man’s revelations of Alien life residing underground all over the world, something that governments around the globe have known about for almost a hundred years.

Some things he discusses are hard to assimilate, some things push your skepticism to the very limit, but everything he has to say, in my opinion, will leave you with more questions than answers.

He worked for the military in the capacity of an engineer and geologist building underground bases, in his time working for the government, he claims one day at work, to have been shot at by a seven foot tall alien grey whilst being lowered underground in a basket.

The alien grey moved its hand over its chest, when a blue electrified beam hit him in the chest opening him up like a sardine can, along with taking off several fingers on his left hand, he pulled out his walther PPK handgun, loaded a clip and shot back, killing the alien.

In the firefight a soldier lost his life, but saved Phil’s in the successful rescue attempt. 

He explains the agenda of the New World Order, better known as the NWO, in that, along with the alleged aliens the NWO also want to reduce the worlds population by 95%.

Its an interesting film, but as yet, for me anyway, the jury is still out.

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