Obama’s Internet Kill Switch


The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT) and The Daily Bell are pleased to bring you this short video presentation titled, Internet Kill Switch. The video features hard to believe yet true events which are unfolding right now in Washington D.C. to try and supress truth and the freedom of the press.

If Barack Obama and the power elite standing behind him get their way, the authoritarian nightmare planned for all citizens suppressed under the control of a New World Order will become an ever closer reality. The time to act is now! The power of the Internet to uncover the true nature of elite plans, to expose the fraudulent central banking system, the complicit role of mainstream Western media to spread and reinforce elite dominant social themes, the ever-ready and vociferous support of the Vatican, etc. etc. 
This is what the elite are afraid of and, similar to how the Roman Catholic Church and European nobility attempted by force to restrict the power of the Gutenberg Press when the truth spreading impact of it began to shatter their control over European citizenry, the elite’s of today are now resorting to “legalized force” in an attempt to protect their pillars of control from crumbling once again.

Will the power elite be victorious in squelching Internet Reformation? We surely hope not and will continue to support freedom of the press and the Internet-spawned advance of liberty and free-market thinking.
Thanks to http://www.thedailybell.com for the story.

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