BP Gulf oil false flag catastrophe may be a psyops scripted by prophecy and psychic visions.

This article is part of a continuing Examiner.com series on the BP false flag ‘disaster capitalism’ environmental war attack on the Gulf of Mexico, and its consequent ecological, economic, social, and exopolitical consequences.

Examiner.com has reported that the spreading BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is in fact an intentional ‘disaster capitalism’ false flag operation for insider profit in the genre of environmental war, and a component of an elite plan to depopulate human society and stop disclosure.
Evidence that the BP Gulf oil catastrophe is a false flag operation includes: (1) “foreshadowing drills” by the U.S. agencies prior to the April 20, 2010 disaster; (2) insider trading of 44% of its BP stock by Goldman Sachs and a related insider corporate takeover of the world’s largest oil spill by Halliburton three weeks prior to the oil spill; (3) BP CEO Tony Hayward dumping approximately one-third of his BP stocks one month prior to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.
The 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico false flag environmental catastrophe did not occur out of an environmental war policy vacuum.  The intentional wrecking of the environment as a deliberate policy to engage humanity in perpetual “war” has been in development for over 50 years in environmental weapons think tanks and laboratories, starting in the late 1950s, with JASON scientists such as Gordon MacDonald and his work on “Wrecking the Environment” as a geopolitical strategy.  
Under this geopolitical doctrine of “wrecking the environment”, the ecology and environment and biosphere are intentionally covertly wrecked using advanced, exotic environmental weapons and false flag methodologies.  The natural environment becomes the next “enemy” in the permanent war economy. That portion of humanity that is not destroyed by the disturbed ecology must now struggle just to survive in what was before the wrecking a supportive environment and ecology.  One purported 1967 environmental war policy report stated, “But from present indications, it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution…will be sufficiently menacing on a global scale to offer…a solution.”  With intentional, covert environmental wrecking techniques, Gaia – the ecology and the environment  – becomes the new mortal “enemy” in the dialectic of permanent war around which a elite can continue to enslave humanity.
Some apocalyptic and religious commentary on the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico false flag oil catastrophe frames catastrophic projections of BP oil spill as a precursor or fulfillment ‘end of the world’ Earth Changes prophetic scenarios as set out in various sacred prophecy texts such as theBook of Revelation and the Hopi Prophecy’s Seventh Sign, as well as the visions and prophecies of 20th and 21st century psychics, extraterrestrial contactees, and shamans such as psychicEdgar Cayce (1877-1945), Argentina’s ET contactee Benjamin Solari Parravicini (1898-1974) and Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa (1921 – present).
Use of prophetic, psychic, and shamanistic texts as scripts for designing and rolling out catastrophic environmental warfare is explored extensively in a book written in 1999 by reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre, entitled Earth Changes: A Spiritual Approach (2000).  
Specific, identified exotic environmental weapons and environmental war false flag techniques can be used to implement environmental warfare strikes such as the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico intentional oil catastrophe designed and rolled out through the visions contained in prophetic, psychic, and shamanistic texts.  The outcome is a multi-factored psychological, exopolitical, and spiritual warfare and matrix of oppression (Psyops) against the targeted human population.
This Examiner.com article is Part I of a series evaluating whether the perpetrators of the spreading BP oil catastrophe false flag environmental war attack are doing so by using the prophetic, psychic, ET contactee and shamanistic texts as a kind of script for a massive psychological warfare (Psyops) against humanity. 
Please see video (below) Updates in the article below on the relationship between BP, the Rockefeller family, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers, as well as a citizen insider eyewitness account of BP’s and the U.S. government’s (including NOAA) true priorities regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe, clean-up, and ecology and health-risk exposure.
Earth Changes: A Spiritual Approach
Video Updates:
Examiner.com readers can view this video on the relationship between BP, the Rockefeller family, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberger

Examiner.com readers can view this video by an eye-witness to BP executives and staff, and U.S. government (including NOAA) true priorities regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe, clean-up, and ecology and health-risk exposures.

“Let’s restate the hypothesis: Environmental weapons, if unchecked, can potentially and ultimately trigger Earth changes of the magnitude of an extinction level event, thus fulfilling the psychic prophecies and traditions that predict Earth changes for our age.”
The above hypothesis is from Earth Changes: A Spiritual Approach (2000) a book by reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre.  Selected excerpts from Earth Changes are useful background in examining whether the 2010 BP Gulf oil false flag environmental catastrophe may also be an intentional “prophecy-driven” psyops.
Excerpts EARTH CHANGES: A Spiritual Approach By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
Preface To The 2000 Edition
Earth Changes, Psychic Prediction, & Electromagnetic  (EM) Warfare –  Using the disciplines of catastrophic geology, seismology, vulcanology, parapsychology, and public interest policy analysis, author Alfred Webre develops a new field theory explaining how millennial prophecies of cataclysm might be fulfilled – not by earth system mechanics, but by the deployment of a new generation of EM weapons.
Earth Sciences & Psychic Prediction
Catastrophic geology, seismology, vulcanology, and astronomy do not forecast cataclysmic scale earth events (massive tectonic shifts, subsidence or rising of new land masses from the ocean, turning of the earth on its axis). Yet high psychics , with confirmed records of accuracy, predict these very cataclysmic events. Assuming these psychics were accessing accurate precognitive information, what might be an alternative mechanism that could cause cataclysmic earth events?
Electromagnetic (EM) weapons
Electromagnetic (EM) weapons are a possible trigger of cataclysmic earth events. EM fields can superheat the ionosphere, devastating magnetic bands around the earth, and in turn causing massive disruption of the earth’s Tectonic plates. A January 17, 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan may have been triggered by clandestine deployment of EM weapons. EM strategic warfare includes weather, climate and earth event warfare. Researchers have reported the use of EM weapons in anti-population mind-control operations over major cities.
Prophetic Traditions
Human prophets such as Michel de Notredame (1503-1566), known as Nostradamus, and prophetic traditions, ranging from the Mayan calendar, to indigenous First Nations prophecy converges on cataclysmic earth changes accompanying a transition of earth into a millennial society. Analysis of Nostradamus prophecy reveals that “terrible new weapons,” with characteristics similar to EM weapons, caused the cataclysmic earth changes he foresaw.
Extraterrestrial Intelligence
The threat of cataclysmic earth changes caused by secret EM warfare is not occurring in a vacuum. Extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI for short) may be signaling a positive initiative to integrate us into interplanetary society. However, a clandestine command and control network and mentality on our planet appears to be waging clandestine mass psychological warfare (psywar) against the ETI initiative. EM weapons, developed for use against ETI overflights, may also be part of this war to block humanity from participating in the ETI initiative.
How to Avoid Coming Earth Changes
A key to human success is deconstruction of the clandestine network promoting warfare against the human population. EM weapons and the anti-ETI war require deception and secrecy.
EARTH CHANGES proposes a public, mobilized, decade-long human effort to curb EM weapons, as well as our open community participation with ETI in our integration into organized universe society. EARTH CHANGES identifies deployment of electromagnetic (EM) weapons as a possible cause of cataclysmic millennial earth changes predicted by psychics and prophetic tradition. No near term cataclysmic earth activity is forecast by the earth sciences. However, EM weapons can devastate the ionosphere and magnetic bands around the earth, causing cataclysmic upheaval in the earth’s tectonic plates. EARTH CHANGES explores a dramatic new approach to avoid prophesized cataclysm by curbing the development of EM warfare.
Chapter One – Earth Changes (Excerpt)
Here I share with you a radical vision about Gaia, the living being Earth.   Massive Earth changes have been prophesized for our generations by modern psychics and the prophets of tradition since time immemorial.  The predicted Earth changes include cataclysmic earthquakes around the world, emergence of new land masses, and the subsidence of existing land masses – including entire nations – under deep waters of the seas.
Cataclysmic Earth changes may or may not come to pass, we do not know enough about the future to say with certainty.  The density and vulnerability of modern human society make it likely that future earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, weather events and climate shifts may cause vast trauma and damage to stricken towns, cities, settlements, economies.
Yet the predictive capabilities of the Earth sciences (catastrophic geology; seismology; vulcanology; climatology) give little indication that Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions are about to occur on Earth.
Earth science analysis reveals no trend, evidence, or sign that cataclysmic Earth changes are about to occur. A trend analysis of the full database of the United States Geological Service and the National Earthquake Information Service does not reveal that large scale Earth changes are at hand.
There may be higher casualty tolls and property damage in earthquakes of the last two decades of the century, yes.  That may be because of higher population density, vulnerability of infrastructure, and substandard construction.  As a January 1999 Richter 6.0 earthquake in Colombia taught us, it is the human factors – social chaos and rebellion; mass looting; failures of government planning and organization – that cause the consequential damages in modern earthquakes.
So just how, where and when are prophesized cataclysmic Earth changes supposed to occur?
Let me state the possibility – succinctly.  Earth changes of cataclysmic scale could occur with the reversal or distortion of the Sun’s magnetic field at the end of a 26,000-year cycle predicted by the Mayan calendar for a time window around December 21, 2012.
Human environmental weapons – based on electromagnetic (EM) energy – could significantly help trigger these prophesized earth changes.
Along with earth changes, the Mayan prophecies foresee an era of cosmic consciousness, accompanying our solar system’s entering into synchrony with electromagnetic beam-waves emanating from the core (“Sun”) of our Galaxy.  The 26,000-year cycle of galactic electromagnetic beams is both the physical agency of prophesied Earth changes, and the psychic vehicle for humanity’s conscious evolution.
Cataclysmic Earth changes could occur if the gigantic tectonic plates that form a constantly moving jigsaw puzzle on the surface of the Earth were suddenly to shift.  If the tectonic shifts were massive enough, new landmasses could appear on the surface of the Earth; other landmasses could subside into the oceans; massive volcanism could happen.
Most Earth scientists would say that cataclysmic Earth changes could never happen in our modern era, although they may have happened in the past.  One theory is that the K-T event of 65 millions years ago occurred because of a collision by a meteorite with Earth. Under this theory, the K-T collision created a global dust screen that ultimately killed most large life forms, including the dinosaurs.  Other theorists claim the K-T event was caused by gigantic volcanism, with the same evolutionary result – extinction.
Whether the K-T event was utter coincidence or the product of a living, intelligent universe, the result remains the same.  Massive Earth changes were an evolutionary intervention, an extinction-level event for the dinosaurs and other life, drastically changing the course of evolution on Earth.
We come full circle to psychic predictions and traditional prophecies about Earth changes, occurring in Earth’s transition to a new era.  There is no sign in the trends of Earth science that Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions will occur in our age.
So are the precognitions of high psychics such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus simply empty, meaningless or wrong?
Are the multiple prophetic traditions, ranging from Old and New Testament prophets to ancient indigenous peoples simply groundless and misguided?
In a word, no.
If we look to the Earth sciences alone to give us direction and answers about possible cataclysmic Earth changes, we are looking to the wrong sources.
We should be looking to the para-science of the Mayan calendar.
We should be looking to the weapons and strategies of environmental warfare, theoretically outlawed by a 1977 United Nations treaty, and in fact, now the leading edge of strategic warfare.  We should be looking into the science of advanced Environmental warfare – electromagnetic weapons; weather and climate warfare.  These are perversions, in some deep way, of the pure Earth sciences.
We should be looking at the environmental impacts of electromagnetic (EM) weapons on the ecology of the Earth.
All-out spasm warfare by environmental weapons can in fact trigger changes in the Earth’s ecology that could result in Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions.  Environmental weapons can impact the Earth’s magnetic fields that in delicate balance mediate the slow movements of Earth’s tectonic plates.  These movements could be of a magnitude and character to throw Earth’s tectonic plates into massive, chaotic movements, and thus to bring about Earth changes of unprecedented scale.
The new generation of electromagnetic weapons is now in early development.  Yet even the current pilot environmental weapon projects in such disparate geographical locations as Australia and Alaska, have, by some responsible observers, brought massive earthquakes and created weather anomalies.  As their development advances, under the seal of military secrecy, these weapons may achieve ecological impacts of such scale as to trigger the type of Earth changes that the modern psychic and traditional prophets have foretold.
Mixing K-T extinction level events, psychic precognition of Earth changes, and electromagnetic weapons systems may strike you as unmitigated catastrophism, far-fetched and unrelated in any meaningful way.
So let’s restate the hypothesis: Environmental weapons, if unchecked, can potentially and ultimately trigger Earth changes of the magnitude of an extinction level event, thus fulfilling the psychic prophecies and traditions that predict Earth changes for our age.  Environmental weapons may accelerate the Earth-changes potential of prophesized, vast distortions of the Sun’s electromagnetic fields.
A quarter century ago, in The Age of Cataclysm , I predicted large-scale Earth changes in our near term planetary future.  Mine was one of a half-dozen or so then contemporary books on the impending Earth catastrophe.  Its original vision of Earth changes was based on the evidence of the Earth sciences, as well as the paranormal sciences. I concluded our generation might experience Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions.
So let’s revisit our original peering into the future of the Earth, re-examining its sources and its vision in light of the evidence on intervening years.  Our new conclusions may in many ways be more challenging than the old.
We now know – which we did not know then – that a new generation of secret electromagnetic (EM) weapons systems could trigger Earth changes of catastrophic dimensions. One of the weapons can turn the Earth’s ionosphere into a virtual global strategic weapon.  If mankind does carry out war using these new weapons, catastrophic Earth changes can be triggered, and our present civilization and ecology decimated.  On the other hand, if these weapons are recognized as even more destructive than nuclear weapons, there is a chance to build a consensus and international agreements banning their use.  The choice is up to our species, collectively.  A change of consciousness among human civilization away from conflict and toward cooperation and oneness may be literally necessary for survival.
One central source of the original vision of future Earth changes was the Earth sciences.  The Earth sciences show that our planet and its resident species have evolved in key aspects through catastrophic change; and that catastrophic change is certainly possible in our age.
We now know of the K-T event, holding that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a greenhouse effect brought on by global volcanic activity, or by the impact of a meteor along the southern Gulf of Mexico, approximately 65 millions years ago.  The clouds of dust from the impact of the meteor cloud spread around the Earth for the next several years, killing off vegetation, and the dinosaur species.  So cataclysm can happen on this planet, and has affected the planet and the evolution of species in the past.
Since my original vision, the Earth sciences have now advanced in their ability to predict and evaluate potential future catastrophic events.
End Of Excerpt From Chapter One.
FROM EARTH CHANGES: A Spiritual Approach By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
Examiner.com readers can read the book EARTH CHANGES: A Spiritual Approach here.

Credit to Alfred Lambremont Webre for the story.


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