UK Independence Party holds funeral for doomed euro

EU leaders have been meeting in Brussels to discuss a multi-billion-euro rescue package for Greece, amid fears that the country’s crisis could spread to the rest of the Eurozone.

However, an increasing number of Europeans believe the currency has already failed.

During the summit, the leaders of the UK Independence Party, led by Nigel Farage, carried a coffin symbolizing the euro around the European Parliament.

Farage, along with party member Jamie Illingworth, say the bailout is a huge mistake.

“The leaders are unanimously wrong again. They’ve been wrong about the Greece from the very start. She should never have been allowed to join the Euro. At the first place, she wasn’t suited to it. They were wrong to bail her out first time, they are wrong trying to bail her out the second time, and if the Greek parliament on Tuesday accepts this package, then this time next year I’ll be talking to you, and there will be the third bailout”, said Nigel Farage.

Thanks and credits go to Russia Today for allowing me to download and use the content shown.


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