Tripoli family devastated by botched NATO strike ***WARNING, GRAPHIC SCENES***


Bombs started to fall on Tripoli in the middle of the night, destroying several buildings in a densely populated area. 

Muhamed Al Grari’s family used to be one of the largest in the neighborhood until a wayward NATO bomb killed five of them – his father, brother and sister, and her whole family. 

Muhamed shows us the picture of little Jumana, his niece, taken on his mobile phone just days before he pulled her body from under the debris. 

“I woke up when I heard an explosion. Some stones, piece of the roof and a window fall on me,” he says. 

Although the Gaddafi regime claims that more than 800 civilians have been killed in NATO raids, the nine killed in Sunday’s bombardment of Tripoli were the first civilian causalities officially acknowledged by the alliance. 

Two months ago NATO apologized for another “technical failure”, when its planes misjudged an air strike on a rebel column near Brega in eastern Libya – and killed five soldiers. 

Musa Ibrahim, spokesman for Libyan government, says Western leaders should be held responsible. 

“We hold Mr Cameron, Mr Sarkozi, Mr Berlusconi, and Mr Obama morally and legally responsible for the deaths of these innocent children, innocent boys, innocent girls and innocent fathers and mothers. You cannot justify these attacks with any means. It’s not for the protection of civilians.”

Credit goes to Russia Today for allowing the download of original video content.

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