Message for the Uniforms and the People!!



“I cant teach you how to fight, because it should already be in you!”

You dont fight violence with violence, you fight by coming together in unity, mass peacefull non compliance!!

The woman at the begining of this video had her jaw fractured, when her face was smashed full force into a concrete wall, apparantly her teeth were knocked out, whilst handcuffed, by a complete cowardly bully in a uniform and sadly this is not a one off incident!

Whilst searching for footage there just seems to be endless footage of this kind of gutless brutality by corporate officials of policy (don’t call them police, they don’t deserve any respect) all over youtube.

What kind of a human being could do this to another human being, a defenceless women, her hands cuffed behind her back? Its sick and I`m sick of it!

What would of happened if there had been five male friends with her then?

Yes, the coward hiding behind his SKIRTS of power wouldn’t of dared, due to the inevitable reprisals.

If there are any good police constables out there, its time to get some balls and break ranks with ‘control tripping’ gestapo in uniform – whats it to be, your Stalinist job or your soul?

Please guys, stop just standing watching women having there teeth knocked out and cripples being thrown out of wheelchairs and do something, arrest the bastards!

What they’re doing is socially conditioning you to think this is the way things are right now, they’re hoping for your acquiescence, they want you to walk by pretending you haven’t seen anything, in fear you may be the next victim if you intervene.

You DO have powers of arrest, under the citizens arrest law which would lead to inditement for section 47 assault, GBH or ABH, take witnesses names and addresses and contact numbers, ask them to stand up with you against these criminals and bullies.

Lose the fear, open your mind to what is actually happening across the globe as the globalists roll out their police state, their fascist rule, their NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!


2 comments on “Message for the Uniforms and the People!!

  1. i apologize in advance, "sorry" but these cowardly bastards are SO F**KIN BRAVE they hiding behind shades and uniforms what the f**K man im angry and it made me cry that a shame man and i hear ya, these bastards need to take that shit off and fight like men for men not against him, dude im so brassed off ATM poor guy

  2. No apology needed bro, it incensed me too, I mean, come on, a defenceless man in a wheelchair, face slammed into the ground, its beyond belief, but sadly, very sadly a sign of our times. If they had of been devoid of uniforms on that day and were seen doing that, the public would have lynched them, the public need to remember, under the uniform are people like us, who unfortunately have bought into the bullshit and propaganda they're being fed from above.One day it might be their son or daughter on the recieving end of the fascism they're proliferating, then, and only then, I feel they'll realise, they too, like us have been fed on lies and supported the ulterior motives of a select and clandestine group of elites sat in the upper echilons of society barking out orders.Remember, shit rolls downhill and the boys in blue are holding up the totem pole…peace brother..luv ya dude, thanks for your comments.

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