Chemtrail EVIDENCE Manchester UK 13th June 2011 video 2 of 3

This video shot shortly after video 1 of 3 with the same title and date, shows the normal trail of a passenger jet that luckily flew over within around 15 minutes of the chemtrails appearing.

In video 3 of 3, I caught the perpetrator in action laying down an actual chemtrail, and dramatically changing course, as you will see in the final video of this three parter.

This is a comparison between a normal jet contrail and a chemtrail, as you will see the jet fuel disperses almost immediately and had completely vanished within 5 minutes.

The globalists, NWO leaders are Obviously ramping up efforts to exterminate approximately 92.5% of the existing population, to be left with their “Ideal Populous” of 500,000,000 people.


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