Chemtrail EVIDENCE Manchester UK 13th June 2011 video 1 of 3

The first tangible evidence of chemicals/bio-engineered viruses being spread in the UK.

Please see video 2 of 3 for a comparison of a normal jet contrail, I was lucky enough to have a passenger jet overfly just after filming this video, as you will see in video 2 the jetfuel disperses almost immediately but had completely vanished within 5 minutes.

The chemicals/bio-material laid down in this video formed wide clouds across the sky, and were still visible an hour later as a thin grey covering as far as we could see, “we” being my brother, two friends and I.

The globalists, NWO leaders are Obviously ramping up efforts to exterminate approximately 92.5% of the existing population, to be left with their “Ideal Populous” of 500,000,000 people.


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