New World Rebels – ‘Through The Eyes Of A Slave’

The final video from the New World Rebels.

The video’s creator writes..”A general message of hope, and an appeal for our brilliant network to organise and become active.
If anyone is interested, an 18 minute version will go up to Google next week (July 13-18). Please visit the Global Truth Alliance channel at:
I would like to thank all the people who welcomed me to the Truth community, and supported the last video. It meant a lot.
A few viewers have asked about the availability of the ‘Controllers…’ music. Please email me at the address on the NWR channel, and I will be happy to mail you MP3’s of both videos’ music.
All images used in this video are for educational purposes only. This is a non-profit project.
Stay Safe. All of you…
PLEASE NOTE: It is stated in the video that they plan to reduce the population by 500 million. This is WRONG. They plan to reduce the population TO 500 million.


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