Mass evacuation bus-must see!!!

A mass evacuation bus, perhaps getting ready for the mass transit of people to FEMA camps when many Americans will give up what is left of their liberty, believing they will be housed, protected, fed and watered in the ‘NWO’ owned camps.

This will be the emergence of a police state, (if it isn’t already) and in my personal opinion will perhaps be tied in with a false flag attack like 9/11, I’m guessing a neutron bomb, dirty bomb or all out nuclear missile attack from Russia or China, due to the escalating tension in the middle east and growing tension between America & Pakistan  as America continue to use drones to bomb them, China have already intonated that if America launch an all out attack on Pakistan, they will take this as an assault on them also.

The secret talks between Russia & China last year leads me to believe Russia maybe involved in retaliation against America if they do blatantly attack Pakistan.

I think we can all conclude this would be the start of world war 3, is this why the globalist’s including George Bush have all bought property in the Southern Hemisphere, Ted Turner, another global elitist now lives in Argentina, this would be owing to the radiated fall out of a nuclear attack in the Northern Hemisphere staying above the equator due to the way the jet stream and winds work.

I recently learned that the megga-rich owners of Walmart (four of its Walton owners ranked among America‘s 10 richest people, Sam Walton is one of them.) recently had a massive underground complex built for the family, and underground bases have been built for the global elite and various other high ranking wealthy politicians of the world.

Its just a theory, I’m sure some will have differing opinions, I’d love to hear them.

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